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Our mission:
Adding flavour to your life

First and foremost, every day we seek to improve the flavour of our products, making them appealing and providing consumers with unique sensations. We want to distinguish ourselves and to be chosen for our flavour.

Additionally, we want to be a friendly, personable company for our clients and employees, i.e. a company where they want to work and enjoy working.

A family tradition that began in 1897

In 1897, the Camacho family began a family tradition in Morón de la Frontera (Seville), with the production of olive oil. Since then, the family business has led to the creation of a group of internationally recognised businesses, with production, packaging & marketing activities for olives, olive oils and a series of other specialities of Mediterranean and other origins.

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Key figures


million € in total sales

0 %

million € in olive sales
(93%packaged products)


(25% of them are cooperatives)


Reduction of water consumption




Beneficiary families
(Social contributionl)

Figures for the year 2015

The pillars on which everything is based

Our priorities are determined by values, which help us to make our decisions wisely. We have always had five key values in our decision making, guiding our behaviour, both as individuals and professionals.



We do everything with passion. Commitment has connotations of effort, respect, personal links to the company, and above all the improvement of productivity and results. With commitment we provide responsibility, initiative and creativity.



We seek continuous improvement in everything that we do. Excellence encourages us to be better every day, as a personal challenge for growth, rather than in competition with others. This means doing things in the best way and trying to do them better the next time.



We want to make things easy, seeking clear and concise solutions. If we make things easy, we will do so in an excellent way.

Trabajo en equipo


We coordinate and integrate our efforts to achieve results. Teamwork requires knowing how to share, being supporting, and showing respect, through responsibility, participation and dialogue.



We are honest, transparent, and respect individuals. We keep our promises and fulfil our commitments. Acting with integrity does not just mean doing things well, but also doing things correctly.

About Ángel Camacho Alimentación

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