Inicio >> ANGEL CAMACHO features on the “TIERRA Y MAR” series by Canal Sur TV

ANGEL CAMACHO features on the “TIERRA Y MAR” series by Canal Sur TV

ÁNGEL CAMACHO protagonista en el programa “TIERRA Y MAR” de Canal Sur

ANGEL CAMACHO features on the “TIERRA Y MAR” series by Canal Sur TV

The Canal Sur TV series “Tierra y Mar” recently screened a report on ANGEL CAMACHO which highlighted our status as a family-run company in its fourth generation with modest beginnings and a history spanning 120 years, which is now a multinational with subsidiaries in five countries and one of the world's leading olive exporters.

The programme also mentioned the company's efforts in the field of innovation which have seen its products win numerous prizes, along with our environmental policy, which has established us as pioneers in the field of calculation of the carbon footprint of olives and jams and zero effluent discharge.

Emphasis was also placed on the fact that innovation and tradition continue hand in hand, for example in the case of the "boteras" who bottle the olives in glass jars in the traditional manner.

"Tierra y Mar" is one of the flagship programmes for Canal Sur Televisión and a key source of information regarding the agri-food sector in Andalusia, which for some years now has been promoting sustainable development.

This programme edited and presented by Ezequiel Martínez considers different aspects of the rural world from an innovative perspective, with an emphasis on environmental protection.  After more than 900 programmes over the last 10 years, "Tierra y Mar" has presented nearly 3,000 features including special reports and news stories, earning a very loyal audience in the process.

"Tierra y Mar" has won various prestigious awards in recognition of its informative role and its promotion of environmental values, including the Andalusian Journalism Award (1995), the Award of the Andalusian Television Viewers' Association (ATEA) (1996), the National Environmental Award (1998) and the Andalusian Environmental Award (1999).

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