Inicio >> Ángel Camacho monitors its table olives From the tree right to the supermarket

Ángel Camacho monitors its table olives From the tree right to the supermarket

“Camacho Integra”, un novedoso sistema de evaluación de agricultores.

Ángel Camacho monitors its table olives From the tree right to the supermarket

ANGEL CAMACHO, manufacturer of a range of products that includes FRAGATA olives, LA VIEJA FABRICA preserves and SUSARON functional herbal teas, recently implemented a revolutionary supplier evaluation system known as the “Camacho Integra” project. This evaluation procedure was developed as a means of monitoring the company’s main commodity (table olives) from the tree right through to the different points of sale, in compliance with different international regulations relating to phytosanitary waste.

The system allows analysis, classification and selection of the best suppliers (farmers), as well as providing them with advice in different areas to improve their crops. The support provided involves use of different tools, including technicians assigned according to zones, phytopathological support centres, a technical agricultural forum and relevant information such as lists of active ingredients recommended for different plagues and diseases.

The overriding objective is to ensure compliance with the internal regulations defined in the company’s Supplier Evaluation System, which aims to improve traceability, food safety, efficiency and control of the supply chain, along with the sustainability of farming activities. The project also has an additional aim of establishing the management guidelines that must be followed by farmers in order to work as suppliers for ANGEL CAMACHO.

Last year a pilot project was carried out with a selection of strategic suppliers, cooperatives and purchasing centres. The results were highly satisfactory, with control of the totality of the olive production in these centres.

In 2017 the project has made major progress, significantly increasing the number of farmers involved. This will eventually allow technical monitoring of all the company’s olive purchases. More importantly, it will ensure recruitment of the best farmers with expert advice from the technical team at ANGEL CAMACHO, which is working 365 days a year to ensure that farmers are more efficient and thereby achieve considerable savings.

The “Camacho Integra” project fully integrates farmers in the company’s value chain, allowing the parties to work jointly with a series of common technical tools with the clear objective of standardising processes and producing olives that comply with the highest quality standards in the market at both a national and international level.


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