Inicio >> FRAGATA SELECTION olives awarded the “Great Taste Award 2013”

FRAGATA SELECTION olives awarded the “Great Taste Award 2013”

FRAGATA SELECCIÓN premiada con el “Great Taste Award”

FRAGATA SELECTION olives awarded the “Great Taste Award 2013”

¡The taste of pleasure!

Seville (Spain), August 7th 2013. The FRAGATA SELECTION green Manzanilla olives stuffed with anchovies have carried off a “Great Taste” gold star in the 2013 “Great Taste Awards”. Our olives won the accolades of the prize’s judges, who described it as “a large olive, with a delicate filling of anchovy that strengthens its flavour in brine with just the right amount of salt”.

These awards, organised by the “Guild of Fine Food”,  a commercial association in the United Kingdom for anyone that produces or sells select quality speciality foodstuffs, are recognised as setting the standard for specialist foods and beverages. Considered the “Oscars” of the gastronomic world, their more than 350 judges include  traders of high cuisine products, chefs, food critics and food journalists and other experts, who decide the winning products based solely on their good flavour.

The “Great Taste Award” logo is a symbol of British consumers’ confidence in FRAGATA SELECTION anchovy stuffed olives and a guarantee of their excellent flavour.

Manzanilla olives filled with anchovies are selected for their size and only those classified as “Large” are carefully processed and packaged under the FRAGATA SELECTION label.

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