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Our commitment

We work to integrate, in all areas, the values and principles of Ángel Camacho Alimentación. These are based on maintaining the identity of the family company with a long history of tradition and with a vision for growth.

The protection of employees and their professional development are the main goals in the management of the staff of Ángel Camacho Alimentación. Through encouraging training, arbitration and preventive culture, we seek to protect wellbeing and increase the satisfaction of those who form part of the company.



The latest analysis of staff composition carried out indicates that there is a balanced presence of men and women, if it is considered that the majority of activities have traditionally been carried out by men. The Human Resources department works in this area to continue to incorporate women into the field of production


Staff composition

At Ángel Camacho Alimentación learning and knowledge are essential. During the last two years the company has increased its investment in training. Investment in training in the years 2014 and 2015 has exceeded the total investment of the four previous years. Technical training, training in languages and risk prevention is key. Likewise, in these two years, training in competencies has increased, improving leadership and communications in the management team and middle management.

encouragement of training

Ángel Camacho Alimentación is strongly committed to occupational health and safety. For over 10 years it has carried out important preventive actions to continuously improve working conditions and reduce accident rates.

2015 prevention milestones    

  • OHSAS 18001 certification    
  • Self-protection plan, training of emergency teams    
  • Training in preventive leadership for middle managers    
  • Evaluation of psychosocial risks    
  • Evaluation of machinery risks

Ángel Camacho Alimentación is strongly committed to the environment. For decades, monitoring of the environmental impact of activities has been a priority. As a result of this, there has been continuous improvement of the management of natural resources with the support of new technologies, carrying out systematic monitoring with external verification and certification.

rama de olivo

One of the most important projects has been the replacement of diesel boilers with biomass boilers. The biomass is mainly produced in the company’s facilities from the stones of its own olives. The improvements in efficiency from the biomass boilers generate a significant saving in the consumption of “orujillo” (olive waste) per tonne of packaged product. The actions aimed at reducing electricity consumption have also entailed a significant reduction of the carbon footprint.

Carbon footprint

The purifying and water regeneration system allows water to be managed at the source, preventing mixtures which make classification and end management difficult for reducing the water footprint. The reduction of the water consumption in production processes also allows the reduction of the operational water footprint.

Water control system

The purifying and water regeneration system allows water to be managed at the source, preventing mixtures which make classification and end management difficult for reducing the water footprint. The reduction of the water consumption in production processes also allows the reduction of the operational water footprint.



The company has a very demanding Quality Management and Food Safety System, which is a full guarantee for clients and consumers. It is based on the following guidelines:

  • Satisfying implicit and explicit product, quality, legal and safety requirements, as well as those of third party audits required by clients.
  • Permanently and consistently identifying all necessary processes for the best development of our different activities.
  • Establishing quality management and food safety objectives aimed at achieving strategic preferences, consistently and dynamically.
  • Involving and obtaining the participation of the whole team in the continuous improvement process of the Quality Management and Food Safety System implemented.
  • Ensuring the availability of the necessary resources for achieving the established objectives.



The highest standards of the Quality Management and Food Safety System


To satisfy the new needs of current consumers and exceed their expectations, Ángel Camacho Alimentación continuously innovates to integrate their demands for healthier products, with less fat, which are low in salt or sugar, gluten-free and suitable for people with diabetes, among others.

The company regularly carries out consultations and tests to incorporate these requirements, tastes and trends into the production and innovation process, through qualitative and quantitative research, tastings, surveys and the monitoring of procedures.

As part of this, Ángel Camacho Alimentación works with an academic partner on monthly sensory analysis with consumers, to carry out continuous testing in which consumers evaluate new launches, as well as innovations and improvements to current products.

From the suggestions that are made, the company launches new products and makes alterations or improvements to existing products. Through its different brands, it works daily so that the consumer can appreciate its continuous improvement.


Ángel Camacho Alimentación promotes various initiatives with its suppliers, mainly linked to environmental responsibility.

Long-term vision

A supplier is a link in the supply chain. Short-term relationships do not lead to anything; a lasting relationship is necessary.

Quality and reliability

In no case will suppliers that do not offer guaranteed quality be accepted. Their level of service must be reliable in terms of dates and quantities..

Flexibility and capacity

Any supplier must adapt to variations in demand, with capacity available, sufficient stock and a strong financial position.


Very good prices, or in other words, good total costs. Capacity for innovation and investment, for bringing new products to the market, and researching and developing new solutions.

Capacity for proposing cost reductions

Constant examination of the market and the value chain in order to eliminate inefficiency and optimise savings.


Generation of employment

Awareness of origins and commitment to local employment

Compra local

Local purchasing

Purchasing policy (raw materials, packaging, labels) in the nearest surroundings

Inversión social

Social investment

Donation of food to various local and provincial entities

Patrocinio deportivo

Sports sponsorship

Support of the local basketball team of Morón de la Frontera (Seville) and the La Vuelta Ciclista a España cycling race.

Acuerdos académicos

Academic agreements

Collaboration with the University of Seville and the Foundation of the Instituto Internacional San Telmo, Seville.



Andalusia, and particularly the province of Seville where the company is located, is the main production area for table olives, an original and key product for ACA. Keeping the headquarters and production centres in this area has been decided as a commitment to local development at all levels, with employment being a key element for the sustainability of the surrounding area.

The sources of work keep the boost the local economy, wellbeing and quality of life, as well as allowing professional growth to be achieved through training at work.



For 20 years, we have collaborated with the Seville Food Bank Foundation and other local entities of Morón de la Frontera, to which we periodically deliver large quantities of food.

Between 2014 and 2015, the company donated approximately 208,000 kilos and 300,000 consumption units to 200,000 families in the area. Due to this initiative, in 2014 the Foundation awarded ACA in gratitude for its historic collaboration.


Fundación Banco de alimentos de Sevilla




Likewise, the majority of purchases, both of raw materials and other products (packaging, labels, etc.), are produced in the nearest surroundings, first and foremost in the province of Seville, with the same objective of contributing to the local economy and the development of the area.



Sport involves and represents values such as achievement, teamwork, commitment and effort; values that ACA seeks to promote and with which it works each day.


Morón de la Frontera basketball team

Vuelta ciclista a España pro cycling race



Training and the generation of knowledge are key issues for the company. In this sense, the company collaborates with the University of Seville, s well as with Medium Grade and Higher Grade professional training centres (in Morón de la Frontera and other nearby areas) so that the students of these centres carry out their academic training internships with the company.

Likewise, Ángel Camacho Perea, Managing Director, is a trustee of the Foundation of the Instituto Internacional San Telmo, Seville, a prestigious business school with which we collaborate and carry out different management courses, workdays and annual internal training.


Universidad de Sevilla

"Creating value and adding flavour to your life"

Ángel Camacho Perea
Managing Director

See Sustainability Report


Ángel Camacho Alimentación values honesty, integrity and compliance with the highest ethical standards..

As members of the Company, everyone has the responsibility to respect these values and commit to the basic principles of commercial ethics and good judgement

See Code of Ethics

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