Inicio >> ¡Recognized as a global, leading company for our work to reduce emissions and lower environmental!

¡Recognized as a global, leading company for our work to reduce emissions and lower environmental!

Ángel Camacho Alimentación reconocida por su respeto al medio ambiente

¡Recognized as a global, leading company for our work to reduce emissions and lower environmental!

Once more, ANGEL CAMACHO ALIMENTACION has been recognized as a global, leading company for its work to reduce emissions and lower environmental risks in its supply chain. As such, ANGEL CAMACHO has been included in CDP’s (Carbon Disclosure Project) 2018 Supplier Climate A List

Following the inclusion in the 2016 climate A List, this is the company's second disclosure to CDP (, an international non-profit that drives companies and governments to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, safeguard water resources and protect forests. Voted number one climate research provider by investors, CDP leverages investor and buyer power to motivate companies to disclose and manage their environmental impacts.

Over 4,800 companies submitted annual supply chain disclosures to CDP in 2017 for independent assessment against its scoring methodology. ANGEL CAMACHO is one of only 100 companies and among the 2% of organizations participating in CDP’s supply chain program to be awarded a position on the Supplier A List, in recognition of its actions to address environmental issues including climate change, water security and deforestation in the past reporting year. The high CDP score is indicative of.

The Supplier A List was released on January 29 2018 in Closing the Gap: Scaling up sustainable supply chain practices, CDP’s Global Supply Chain Report 2018, written by CDP using analysis provided by McKinsey & Company. The report reveals that awareness of climate change-related risks and opportunities is increasing down the supply chain. Over three quarters (76%) of suppliers responding to CDP have identified some inherent climate change risks to their business and more than half (52%) report that they have integrated climate change into their business strategy.

Paul Simpson, CEO of CDP said: “We congratulate the 100 companies, recognized on the CDP Supplier A List 2018, that are leading the way to our low-carbon and water-secure future. Environmental action has never been more vital, nor urgent, and companies have a crucial role to play in keeping up the momentum needed to meet the aims of the Paris Agreement. The leadership shown by the A List not only points the way for other companies to take action, but also ensures that these leaders are getting well ahead of the curve and positioning themselves to capitalize on the opportunities that await.”

Without any doubt, ANGEL CAMACHO has proved once again the company’s high environmental awareness, advanced sustainability governance and leadership to

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