Inicio >> Susana Díaz, President of the Andalusia Council, visits Ángel Camacho

Susana Díaz, President of the Andalusia Council, visits Ángel Camacho

Visita Susana Díaz instalaciones ÁNGEL CAMACHO ALIMENTACIÓN

Susana Díaz, President of the Andalusia Council, visits Ángel Camacho

Last April the President of the Andalusia Council, Susana Díaz, paid an institutional visit to the facilities of the ÁNGEL CAMACHO ALIMENTACIÓN agro-food business in Morón de la Frontera, Sevilla. She was accompanied by the local mayor, Juan Manuel Rodríguez (PSOE) and Francisco J. Fernández, the Government Deputy of the Andalusia Council in Sevilla, and other officials. President Díaz met the managerial team and toured the factory with Chairman Ángel Camacho Álvarez and CEOs Rafael Camacho Álvarez and Carlos Camacho Álvarez, rwhom she congratulated for leading a company that is over a hundred years old and a major source of jobs, an organization that is clearly en route to international success under the helmsmanship of third- and fourth-generation owners.



ÁNGEL CAMACHO ALIMENTACIÓN is a pacesetter of the Spanish agro-food industry. It makes a wide range of products, including Fragata olives, La Vieja Fábrica jams and Susarón herbal teas. ÁNGEL CAMACHO is the world’s biggest packager of table olives, processing around 60 million kilos of olives per year. One of its main achievements has been to become the olive packer that adds the most value to its products, since 95% of its sales are packagd products. The company sold its products in 98 countries in 2013. ÁNGEL CAMACHO is furthermore Spain’s leading table olive exporter in terms of value, , with over 100 million euros in exports to its name in 2013.

There are 11 firms in the business group, six Spanish firms and four international companies located in the big world markets of the USA, the UK, Poland and Argentina. The central offices and the plants where ÁNGEL CAMACHO manufactures and packages table olives, pickled vegetables, jam and olive oil are in the city of Morón de la Frontera, in Sevilla. The company is one of the district’s big economic movers, employing 827 people on its payroll.

Díaz saw for herself how the company is on board with sustainability and committed to its environmental policy. Company executives explained how ÁNGEL CAMACHO has recently become the first firm in the world to calculate and verify the Water Footprint of its olives. Doing so furnished the necessary information for pinpointing not only where in production water management can be improved, but also how the company can help reduce the effects that commerce and consumers have on the use of world water resources.

In addition, ÁNGEL CAMACHO is the first food company to belong to Andalusia’s registry of eco-audited companies, since it has earned EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) verification. EMAS is a voluntary EU scheme of great international prestige that uses independent audits to recognize all those organizations that have introduced an environmental management system and shouldered the commitment to ongoing improvement.

ÁNGEL CAMACHO is a model company in environmental terms. The plant Susana Díaz visited has been a Zero Discharge factory since 2008. That means all the liquid industrial waste it creates is managed internally. ÁNGEL CAMACHO has an innovative plant to purify industrial water from table olive seasoning and packaging, so it can be re-used for irrigation and other industrial processes, thus completing the water cycle.

Furthermore, it has not burned petroleum-derivative fuels like gas oil since 1999, but has instead used biomass prepared from olive pits, so the company can boast zero net CO2 emissions.

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